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Automotive Safety Tips


It's Culture Man! Everytime!

Terry Josiah, affectionately known to all as "Culture" and by his signature phrase "Everytime" first started his mechanic & auto body repair business 17 years ago while working for Tony Wescott in Crosbies. He worked for Mr. Wescott for a period of about 6 to 7 years before setting up shop with Jerry West who he partnered with for one year. After that he moved to Potters and joined for two years with a man who everyone knows as "Fifty". From there he started working with a man affectionately known by everyone as "One Foot" Spencer. It is safe to say that Mr. Terry "Culture" Josiah has gained a vast array of experience in automotive care over the years while servicing the people of Antigua and Barbuda, and he does it good "Everytime".