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The Pros at Vehicle Wraps: SignPro Antigua


The Pros at Vehicle Wraps: SignPro Antigua

You can't miss them, vibrant colours, catchy phrases, parked or moving along Antigua's road ways. Vehicles that have been professionally 'wrapped' are catching the public's attention. Whether for sales and marketing purposes or just for fun, these moving billboards are a fast growing trend.

Ron Schofield, co- owner of SignPro Antigua says "vehicle wraps are a high profile, cost effective way of advertising a product or service". The local company has been professionally wrapping vehicles for about three years, and their work can be seen across the island. Schofield, along with business partner Kevin Terry, and a superb, sales and graphics team have made SignPro Antigua a favourite for vehicle wrapping.

Vehicle wraps are basically mobile billboards. It involves the use of premium adhesive vinyl featuring high quality digital graphic prints, which are then applied to the vehicle. "Advanced solvent-based inks and adhesives combined with superior coating technology ensure vehicle wrap stability without peeling," the company says. The graphic work, printing, and application of the wrap is all done at SignPro Antigua in Smith's Estate. "The wrap doesn't harm the paint on your car, it actually protects it during the time the wrap is on the vehicle," Schofield says. The company's website notes, "SignPro Antigua specializes in providing high impact visual solutions in the form of adhesive vinyl graphics for vehicles. High quality vehicle graphics and wraps are a relatively low cost form of mass promotion that has exploded into the world of marketing".

Schofield points out that "You can do so much more with a wrap than you can with paint". "We can take a photo or graphic of basically anything, print it on premium vinyl, and wrap it onto the vehicle," he adds. After the design team prepares the artwork, it takes two installation technicians approximately two days to professionally wrap a vehicle. For the vehicle to be wrapped properly, it requires specialty tools and equipment, and an installer that understands the unique nature of properly applying the vinyl. The company only uses premium quality inks and vinyl designed specifically for vehicle wrapping to ensure a professional and effective outcome for their customers.

But why wrap a vehicle? "To grab a significant advertising advantage over your competitors by covering your vehicle with your business image". Wraps turn any vehicle into a moving and interactive advertising pitch. "The idea of movement is what attracts most customers, plus the ads are very colourful and eye catching," Schofield says. He explains how wrapping can be more cost effective for companies, than say a billboard ad. "A vehicle wrap can last upwards of 3 to 5 years at an initial investment of $6,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the vehicle." A billboard can cost you about $12,000 for a single year only! The company website says "Unlike stationary billboards, a wrapped vehicle is intended to promote high visibility through its motion throughout a community. It's a great way to maximize limited advertising dollars over an extended period and at the same time make effective use of a company vehicle and resources".

The idea of motion is why wraps are usually seen on vans, cars, trucks, fleet vehicles, buses, motorcycles, and even jet skis. They've even been known to be placed on trains and aircraft, basically anything that moves.

Locally, SignPro Antigua has done work for most of the major wholesale suppliers including TCM, A.S. Brydens, Guin Farara and Anjo Wholesale, doing advertising for Big Boy Punch Soda, Pink Ting, Grace Cock Soup, Monster Scooter Wrap, Angostura Bitters and more. "We try to design wraps to capture consumer attention and always use the right materials to ensure a long lasting effect. We try to encourage our customers to view wraps from an investment perspective," Schofield says. Effective brand impressions are the key to creating and enhancing market awareness.

SignPro Antigua not only does full vehicle wraps, but partial ones as well, as can be seen on the fleet of Big Banana vehicles, where the roof and bumper are not wrapped, only the sides and rear of the vehicle. This type of wrap can provide just as an effective message as full wraps for a lower cost.

Long term care and maintenance of the product is also important to the principals at SignPro Antigua. "We've taken an educational approach with our clients and offer complete vehicle wrap care information on how to take care of the wrapped vehicle". The company's website also has a comprehensive Do's and Don'ts section on how to maintain the look of the wrapped vehicle.

SignPro Antigua also offers vehicle magnets for those customers who want the option of removing the ad or name at some point. "Auto magnets are associated to 'traditional' forms of marketing. Magnetic advertising signs can be more economical for your business because the advertising can commence simultaneously with the rest of the working day".

The company also provides vinyl lettering, as a more cost effective solution when the budget isn't in keeping with a full or partial wrap. Lettering is also done for windshields, these decals are also inexpensive. Customers can work with the graphic artist at the company to choose text, fonts and colours for the designs to be placed on their vehicles. Very popular amongst the local street car scene, their cut vinyl designs can be seen on many vehicles.

Other signage needs can also be met at SignPro Antigua including illuminated ones, which the company guarantees will meet customer requirements. These large scale signs can be seen at Harper's, Cafe Bella, New Epicurean and of course at SignPro Antigua.

Serving Antigua for seven years now, the company also boasts a very large selection of trophies and plaques for the sporting, competition, and recognition awards, in a variety of materials like acrylic, metal, and wood. These can be engraved with practically any desired text or logo and are customized to each clients needs. They utilize laser and rotary engraving techniques to ensure a very professional and elegant award.