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The Buzzz from Inside the Trackz


The Buzzz From Inside the Trackz

Drag racing in the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda is fast becoming a thing of major importance for car enthusiasts. The ongoing battle to secure adequate land space to build a public track and enforce the benefits of it has become a topic for key discussion. During a recent interview, Mr. Anthony Spencer, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association voiced his concerns for the resurgence of interest in the sport and the organizing of proper facilities to help boost growing interest from racers.

Currently, there is a private racing track, which tends to limit the frequency of races, since negotiations for its use tend to prove somewhat difficult and unfavorable for race organizers. There are also indications that the current track is in need of maintenance so as to ensure that quality races are held in this venue.

In an effort to resuscitate the dying sport, the association has been lobbying with the Government to allocate land for the purpose of hosting drag races. It is said that this present Ministry of Sports has shown an interest in establishing this vision and has therefore requested that a motor sport federation be set in place to govern all motor racing associations inclusive of motor cycles, in order to finalize the disbursement of land for this long overdue public racing track.

Hence, the formation of the Antigua Barbuda Motor Sport Federation is currently going through the logistics of working out the legal issues and election of executive officers to satisfy the requirements of the government. The launch of this federation is pending while many are waiting in anticipation for the materialization of all that has been promised to revive and expand motor sports in the nation.

Comparatively, the racing circuit in other Caribbean islands is said to be vibrant and supported by both the government and private sector alike. We, at Fast Trackz Magazine feel that it is indeed necessary to highlight the news from inside the Trackz, so that you are aware that drag racing has not died, but is very much alive. As a matter of fact, the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association, which has a membership of 28 and has been in operation since 2003, is available to assist those interested in the sport. The association's main objective is to look into the interest and concerns of racers and to liaison with government bodies on behalf of racers.

During the past few years the association has assisted racers in going to Trinidad, Grenada and Nevis to participate in races. In fulfilling its objective, they have established duty free concession on parts for racers who are members of the association and offers free organizing of travelling affairs to featured racing events. However, non-members can enjoy the same privilege for a fee. Although the association has been somewhat dormant for the past 3 years due to discouragement as a result of the lack of a timely response from the government to their request for land, the executive members have remained partially functional and had a meeting as recent as March 2013. The five man executive board currently consists of

Mr. Anthony Spencer (President); Trevor Kendall (Treasurer); Leslie Salmon, Colin Hodge, and Torrez Joseph. The invitation to attend scheduled meetings is extended to all racers and those desiring membership are asked to pay a fee of $100 per year.

The fight to stay alive is on for drag racing in Antigua Barbuda and according to "The Buzzz" they will fight and not give up…. "together we fight; we fight to keep it alive."