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Taming The Beast


Taming the Beast

Racing since 2009 is Mr. Yousef Michael, owner of "The Beast" a red Evolution which allegedly has been leaving others to eat his dust. Fast Trackz Magazine recently caught up with Mr. Michael. He said "Over the years I have had some hick-ups and issues with my car but, through the good work of 'Dash' from Side Walk Auto Sports who did 80% of the work on the engine, 'Piddip' who did the wiring and fabrication along with Brian Kelsick A.K.A 'The Godfather' who oversaw the work done on the car, I still emerged the winner race after race." As a matter of fact, rumor has it that The Beast has even beaten 'The Munksta'A.K.A '330' owned by Richard Dornellus.

Under The Hood

A few upgrades and modifications were done such as the turbo charger, cams, injectors, changing the 2.0 engine to a 2300cc engine, changing the inter cooler and fuel pump. The original gear box was maintained since it is able to perform effectively on the tracks. Built in Yousef's garage, the car's modifications have proven efficient on the tracks. When racing he uses E85 Ethenol fuel, loosens the exhaust and put on the slips for racing. These modifications have allowed Yousef to return to a normal usage of the car after each race. The combination works well as he simply changes the slips, roll down his windows and drives off into the sunset after having beaten his opponent.

Race after race, the red Evolution IX, A.K.A "The Beast" has been adding notches to its belt. The debate is on and the argument is hot. Who is truly the King of the Streets 2012? Has the owner of "The Beast" proven that he is undefeatable or is this just the figment of somebody's imagination?

The notches on his belt are supposedly filled. As a matter of fact Yousef's claim is that even "The Raven" has been left inhaling the fumes of his exhaust as The Beast devoured the tracks. So, is he is king – king of the street? Yousef said, "Power is one thing but hooking up is another." The Beast is fast and even though it does not use Nitrous Oxide it has even beaten the black Skyline owned by Andrew Hadeed. Yep!!! Another one bites the dust.

This car has definitely become the talk of the town after winning so many races. The contention is that everyone knows 'Evo' to 'Evo' The Beast is truly the king. That's the CONTENTION, what's the truth?

Facing "Polar Bear 2" a Toyota Celica owned and driven by Winston Grey better known as the "Iceman" was allegedly a piece of cake and even Anthony Spencer known as Spankey, driving a Mazda RX7 with a rotary engine, had some of the same dessert fed to his car "Sniper" as he came up against the power of The Beast driven by Toufik Chaars. Is there a car out there that can actually tame The Beast?

What's the truth?

In an exclusive with Vernon Lloyd, A.K.A 'Dash' who says he is king when it comes to working on Evos; it's been confirmed that The Beast is King and he is ready to defend that declaration of sovereign rule of the tracks.

Well, we've heard the claims, the contentions and the opinions from Mr. Yousef Michael and his crew but what does the other drivers have to say about these claims? C'mon GUYS, the public deserves to know the truth.

Bragging Rights

The talk from The Beast's corner is great and the opinions of others are contradictory, leaving us with the big question "Who is really King of the Streets?" It's controversial, it's hot and we need your input. Go to our Facebook page to vote and state the facts.

Apparently, the street car scene is hot here in Antigua, but with so many drivers out there making claims to greatness and the speed of their cars being pumped up, the question still remains to be answered. Who holds the title for being the fastest, hottest car in Antigua? I imagine that the best way to settle this dispute would be to put your cars where your mouth is and let's have a competition. This way we can know for sure who has bragging rights to this seemingly controversial subject. I don't know about anyone else but from this reporter's perspective I would love to see all these cars come together and settle this matter once and for all. I know, that sounds good in theory, but will those making these so-called claims to greatness and speed have the guts enough to meet each other in a competition? I guess it remains to be seen.

The Beast is ferocious! Ready to race and designed to win!!!