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Taking it to the antiguastreetz


Taking it to the antiguastreetz

Fast Trackz Magazine congratulates AntiguaStreetz as they celebrate 5 years of Keep bringing it guys!!!

Antiguastreetz was formed on a social networking site in 2005, when a group of enthusiasts came together and pooled information on what's happening in and around Antigua as it relates to the car industry.

In a short space of time, the group was maxed out with members and soon found it necessary to seek for a better medium to bring greater exposure as a result of the new founded popularity of the group. This brought about the birth of in 2006.

This website is structured in a forum type setting which allows everyone that has access to share information and communicate with each other at will. Now thousands of people locally and abroad have the ability to go to and find out what's new with the automotive scene here in Antigua and Barbuda.

After noticing the reach of the "streetz", the team at Antiguastreetz decided to launch their first ever car show entitled "Wadadli Island Show-Off 2K7" and this changed the scene forever. Between 2007 and May of 2012 Antiguastreetz became the only promoters in the island of Antigua to host automotive car shows, meets and other such show off events. As a result, the public began to crave more and so Antiguastreetz gave it to them by adding other events like "Tuner Bash" (Island Tour) and "Street Warz" (the largest street drag race event up to this day) all in 2007. The year of 2008 saw events like "Whipz & Wingz" (Forum Meet), "Townhouse Parking Lot Showdown" and "Wadadli Island Show-Off" which was held at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

The support received each new year always exceeded that of the previous year. On Father's Day in 2009 after realizing that fathers never get a day for themselves, they created the "St. Paul's Auto Festival 2K9" in English Harbour. The support was tremendous for the first ever car show of that magnitude done in a village. Mr. Broyce Marsh was highlighted for his commendable contribution at that event and it's safe to say that he was very impressed, especially with that being Father's Day too.

2010 was the game changing year for Antiguastreetz. Because of the heightened popularity of social media networks such as Facebook, the forums were not as hot as before, therefore their fan base required more out the industry. It appears that people were reading the car magazines and they wanted events like what they read about. This brought about the birth of Wadadli Honda Day 2K10 and Wadadli Toyota Day 2K10. These events were the first car show-off events in Antigua's history to have over 100 cars attending. Honda Tuning Magazine from the US even found themselves covering this event. There were 1,400 and 2,600 persons respectively at those two events. By the way, Antiguastreetz has integrated its way into the Facebook scene and developed a fan base of over 2,500 persons to date on its "like" pages.

Proud of the many accomplishments they decided not to leave out the other car makers, so events like "Clash of the Titans" a Father's Day event and "Caribbean Conceptz" featuring customized cars from the island of Tortola were developed.

Taking in data and building on improving the events that had now shot them into becoming a household name, Antiguastreetz decided to bring the original creators of Honda Day from the US to Antigua for a vacation which would give them a chance to see that we do it big in the islands. This move not only landed Antigua mass recognition for our cars but also Antiguastreetz was highlighted for doing it the way they did. Now all over the world persons have gotten to know how big it's done here in Antigua as a result of those guys from Honda Day visiting and covering the Antiguastreetz event. It was definitely much bigger than even the first time when Honda Tuning Magazine covered the event.

Antiguastreetz has also sponsored other events and given back to charitable institutions such as Lion's Club and the Amazing Grace Foundation. They have been contacted by the Ministry of Information to come out in support of its annual expo at the Multi-Purpose Centre to educate the public about Antiguastreetz and interact with the children from the different schools.

"We plan to keep this up to the last breath in us....we are the STREETZ!"

To date the major events of Antiguastreetz are still "Street Warz", "Wadadli Honda Day" and "Wadadli Toyota Day". With 5 years of being at the helm of the automotive lifestyle and hub for the local auto enthusiasts this year the team of Antiguastreetz wants to express their love and appreciation to the people of Antigua & Barbuda, and thus they have decided to launch "Little Tokyo", a 3 day festival to celebrate five years of Guests will be invited from overseas to cover the event and also to give them as much knowledge of Antigua's auto scene as possible along with the beauty of the island's 108 square miles as well.

They can safely say that over the years they have managed to become the cornerstone for automotive enthusiasts here in Antigua both for information and as event promoters. For the past 5 years they have never managed to fail them and as they grow they get better, so do their events and their fan base. In their own words, "We plan to keep this up to the last breath in us....we are the STREETZ!"