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Raven Racing


Raven Racing

Choose your Poison

Choose your Poison – The slogan of "Raven Racing", a team of mechanics & fabricators originating out of Bolans Village. They chose their name based on basketball and football teams out of their village – yeah! "Name stink ah road"; they are armed and dangerous, ready to face any challenge on the trackz.

Team members and their cars… follow the lineup: the man, Cliff Richards 'Raven' driving a Honda Integra; Greg Williamson 'Turbulence' driving a Toyota Starlet; Clinton Jackson 'Mentes' driving a Toyota Starlet, Luanco Brown 'Precious' driving a Honda Civic; Kenroy Christian 'Old School' Toyota Corolla; NNieke James 'Cancer' driving a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Raven Racing is armed with the vision to dominate the circuit in Antigua's racing arena. They plan to stay ahead of the game with two (2) ten second cars driven by Cliff and Clinton; two (2) eleven second cars driven by Greg and Laurico; one (1) twelve second car driven by Kenroy.

You better "Choose your Poison" because Raven Racing is here to dominate and keep it fresh on the trackz. Yeah man! Dat dem say "Choose your Poison!"