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The Passion of Quain Christopher



Hill Top Auto Body Repair located in the village of Bethesda is owned and operated by Quain Christopher, a native son of the soil and has been in operation for the past six years. Mr. Christopher has a passion for cars and started learning as an apprentice around the age of 13 at different auto body repair shops. After graduating secondary school he continued his apprenticeship with Elvett Harris at Ovals Auto Body Repair.

He later went on to the Antigua State College but continued to pursue his passion by working with Stanley Matthew at Modern Auto, then on to John Joseph in Villa. However, in pursuit of excellence, he went to work at ABIT, got a loan, and then launched out into his own business. Hence, Hill Top Auto was birthed. His area of expertise is fabrication, graphic design for cars and working with fiber glass.

He is no stranger to the racing circuits and is familiar with many car enthusiasts, since he has worked on cars for "Team Ill, Real Celebrity and Hondadli, just to name a few. He has also entered several car shows where he displayed his work. He emerged as a winner in the Honda Day competition and also Toyota Day. Much of the recognition which he has acquired has come from participating in these competitions.