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Mr Therminator's 20th Anniversary


Mr Therminator's 21st Anniversary

Early Years
James Service Station
Airport Road Location
Current Location
Cross & Tanner Streets Location

"More than just a car wash"

Mr. Therminator is a name that has become synonymous with quality cleaning, professionalism and exceptional customer service. However the name 'Mr. Therminator' has not always been so well known. When the business was started twenty years ago, many persons mistakenly thought that we were an extermination company (such as Terminix) and as such a number of calls were misdirected. Today however, mention the name Mr. Therminator and automatically persons will tell you, "That's the car wash that cleans carpets, upholstery and automobile interiors".

The business was started by Nathan James, son of the late Conrad James of James Service Station. As a boy Nathan grew up around cars. This fascination soon led him to start washing cars as a service to his dad's customers. Before long the customers appreciated his service so much that they encouraged him to add new services. One such service involved cleaning their dirty and stained seats. At first this was serious manual labour, as at the time there were few on island that had machines capable of doing this kind of work. However with determination, he soon built up a clientele that included some well-known Antiguans.

Once while on a business trip his father, Conrad James, came across a company that built special steam cleaning machines. He decided to buy one as a gift to help his son to carry out his work of cleaning seats and carpets. The rest is history as the saying goes, but that certainly was the catalyst for the young entrepreneur to take his business to the next level.

After about two years at that location, it became evident that the business needed more space to operate effectively. An application was made to the government to secure adequate land, but after being unable to find a suitable plot, the decision was made to lease a piece of private land. After an extensive search, Mr. Eugene Matthew of Thrifty Car Rental agreed to lease a portion of his premises on Airport Road for this purpose. Comfortable with the lease agreement the business remained at that location for the next seventeen years.

Later after being given notice to give up the premises, and still being unable to find "suitable" government land, the decision was made to lease another piece of land about 100 yards up, on the opposite side of Airport Road. This proved to be a wise move, since there was not even one day of service interruption to the loyal customers. Thus, the current location of Mr. Therminator is opposite Sammy's Concrete right next to Utopia on Airport Road.

Since then, Mr. Therminator has opened a second location on Cross and Tanner Streets just down from Country Pond. Mr. Therminator wanting to carve out his own niche in a growing field, decided to specialize in automobile interiors. This once again proved to be very laborious, since it takes a trained hand to dissemble and reassemble the various interiors, something which other service providers were not so keen to do. However always aiming to please the customer, efforts were made to train staff to carry out this arduous task. As such, Mr. Therminator now employs five staff who are all highly trained, and as a team can handle any task large or small.

Today the company has certainly grown to become one of the leaders in automobile, boat, home and office care. With a wide array of services such as car wash, under wash, penetrate, engine wash, polishing, buffing, carpet cleaning, chair set cleaning, pressure washing of homes and offices - just to name a few, it is little wonder why Mr. Therminator has become one of the most respected names in the cleaning industry. As a result its services have been sought after by such recognizable companies as Harney Motors, ACE Enterprises, Hadeed Motors, Antigua Motors , Caribben Premium Motors Ltd., various hotels, APUA, the Government and its various entities and a host of other companies and individuals too numerous to mention.

Even in these difficult economic times, Mr. Therminator is determined to continue to forge ahead with new ideas to make the experience of customers a better one. In line with this, efforts are being made to improve the customer waiting area, launch a new line of generic cleaning products for car and home as well as the reintroduction of accessories such as car mats, seat covers, air fresheners in a wider variety and other items which complement the business. In addition, a premium brand of oil is being sought (e.g. Shell or Castrol) to be used in its servicing of vehicles.

The management and staff at Mr. Therminator would like to thank all their loyal customers and patrons for their support over the past twenty one years, and sincerely endeavours to continue to give the same quality cleaning, professionalism and exceptional customer service that has made Mr. Therminator a household name.