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C&S Auto Body Repair - The Experts Behind the Scenes

Carlon Ross, a native of Guyana, demonstrates his expertise in the Auto Body industry as he takes what looks like a product of a demolition derby and produces pure art. From collision to the operating room of C&S Auto Body Repair, we watch as Carlon works through the process. From what appears to be the worst damage ultimately results in a showroom finish as the team works to make their client happy.

Carlon originally started in a different field, but because the company he was employed with closed its doors, he decided to diversify. He packed his bags and went off to Trinidad to pursue a course in auto body repairs. Having completed this course, he returned to Antigua armed with the knowledge he needed to begin on the road of his new found profession.

He enjoys his work and believes in being efficient. He believes in meeting deadlines and always preserving the satisfaction of his clients. Furnished with all the tools he needs Carlon cuts no corners, only giving the best in total vehicle painting and styling.

If you have a vehicle that others have written off, bring it to C&S Auto Body Repair, a member of the Antigua Barbuda Auto Body Association.

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