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Auto Body Repair at its Finest


Auto Body Repair at Its Finest

The Auto Body Repair industry in Antigua seems to have grown over the years. This is evident in the fact that you can almost find an auto body shop on every other corner in any given neighborhood. Many have either set up shop in front of their homes, built an attached shed to their house or simply chosen an open plot of land to start the ball rolling. However, it takes more than just setting up shop; it takes training and experience in order to be qualified to operate an auto body shop. This is the case we find with Mr. Radford Peters owner of Radford Peters Auto Body located on Browne's Avenue.

Mr. Peters first studied under Mr. Reginald Ferris at his shop in Ottos Newtown after school during his teenage years. He later migrated to the U.S. but kept on learning the trade, as a matter of fact, he acquired most of his skills while in the United States. Mr. Peters having returned home in 1983, built a shop and developed a prestigious portfolio of clients who have come to appreciate his professional services. Although he started on the side of the road in Ottos, his reputation has by far exceeded his humble beginnings. His expertise has allowed him to repair the worst conceivably damaged vehicle and present it as though it came out of the showroom at a dealership. He acquired some of these damaged vehicles and transformed them into rental cars to support his rental car business which is housed on the same property as the auto body repair shop.

Among his many achievements is a car that carries the caption, "Urban Links." This car features an exterior and interior that was worked on at Mr. Peter's shop. It also won a car competition at the 2012 Wheels & Heels event in Barbuda. This is just one small example of the quality of work produced by this shop. If a survey were done regarding the top 10 most qualified auto body shops in Antigua, Radford Peters Auto Body Shop would definitely rank very high on that list. Mr. Peters, joined by his son and a group of well trained technicians is a force to be reckoned with as they are busy daily performing auto body miracles. It is obvious that Mr. Peters' qualifications have withstood the test of time.

He is a proud member of the Antigua Barbuda Auto Body Association, which is an association formed with the specific mandate to set guidelines in order to protect the integrity of auto body repair industry.