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Antigua's Classic Cars


Antigua's Classic Cars

"I encourage car enthusiasts to preserve the old cars for future generations to enjoy."

This particular car was manufactured in late 1973, and was first registered on the 6th March 1974. It was sold by Frank Jenkins Ltd., Wallingford, UK to Francis G. Napper of Upton Didcot, Berks, UK, who used it for one year and then put it into storage.

It remained in storage until March 1991 when it was purchased by Edward Lay of Bishops Manor, Harwell, Didcot UK with genuine mileage of 1493.

Edward Lay hardly used the car but displayed it in a number of car shows in the UK. He kept a detailed record of every repair he did to the car, every MOT certificate and license disc issued on the car. The history of the car is well documented with the paint, interior and tyres being original.

Mr. John Hall, the current owner, has always had a keen interest in classic cars and three years ago he started looking for an MGBGTV8 to purchase. He states, "I visited the V8 register online and after months of checking to find the right car, this car appeared on the site. Contact was made with the owner and he indicated I was the second person to call. Initially I was concerned about buying an unseen car online so he arranged for a garage to inspect the car and send me a report. The car received a glowing report in spite of it being 37 years old. A price was agreed with the owner and funds were dispatched. Meanwhile, there was much interest in the car from other persons in France, Luxembourg and Germany."

The car was shipped to Antigua and when it arrived Mr. Hall was very pleased with its condition. All the documentation came with the car and its originality and mileage of 9400 was confirmed. New tires were however fitted before shipping so as not to risk driving on the roads of Antigua with tires that were 37 years old.

Originally there were 2600 MGBGTV8's manufactured but only 92 came in this color which is called 'Tundra'. The car gives a firm ride and the engine being a Rover V8 – 3500cc is quite peppy. There is no power steering so the steering is heavy when parking but once under way it is fine. There is no air-conditioning but the quarter windows direct a good airflow into the car.

"I have not had to do much to the car other than change a gasket between the gearbox and the engine which resulted in the engine having to come out. The opportunity was used to attend to surface rust on the suspension and wheel arches" Mr. Hall says.

"The car drives beautifully and attracts attention whenever I drive it which is usually once per week." He states that many of the young car enthusiasts have never heard of an MGB so he usually gets many questions from them. 'MG' stands for 'Morris Garage', the 'B' refers to the particular series, 'GT' is Grand Touring which is a reference to the body style and the V8 indicates the type of engine.

MG produced more roadsters than GT's as they were the mainstay of the business. MG was at one time an independent car manufacturer in the UK but they were eventually taken over by BMC - British Motor Corporation.


Development Pre-Production cars, prefixed GD2D1, GD2D2 or ADO75 numbered in reverse order from 99 to 95 - 5 cars

Chrome bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 (RHD) or GD2D2 (LHD) numbered from 101 to 1956 - 1,856 cars

First batch of rubber bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 numbered from 2101 to 2632 - 532 cars

Second batch of rubber bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 numbered from 2701 to 2903 - 203 cars

Total of all chrome and rubber bumpered development and production cars - 2,596

Extra cars built in development, prefixed ADO75 and numbered 413, 414, 424 and 425 - 4

Total - 2,600