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Andrew Hadeed's Record-Setting GTR


Andrew Hadeed's Record-Setting GTR

The R35 GTR was imported into Antigua in 2008, by early 2009 the modifications began with Habib Gebrael of RocketScience Racing being the mastermind behind the project, with the help of Ducks and Magic by November 2009 it ran 11.1 seconds on the quarter. It had its share of growing pains with the transmission going into limp mode, and by mid-2010 Habib was one of six people in the world, that was able to tune and flash the GTR transmission using a Cobb Access Port. The results of the tuning and flashing netted a NEW Antiguan True street car street tire record, a stock turbo record and a pump gas record of 10.6 seconds, taking the record which was held by Ewart Harney for many years. The car was then named the Devil's Pickney because of the fear that it caused the competition.

The GTR was then taken to another level so a game plan and mod list was selected, a custom NHRA spec. certified roll cage and parachute needed to be installed as their motto is "safety first", this needed to be done in the USA as the cage needed to be certified there. The car was then sent by RocketScience Racing to AMS where the car was modified. It competed in the TX2k11 event in Texas and had some issues, but by October 2011 it went on to run 216.8mph with a 15mph head wind at the Texas Mile, making it the World's Fastest R35 GTR. In November 2011 the car set the record at PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway) for the Worlds quickest 0-60ft time for any R35 GTR of 1.42 seconds and finally in January 2012 again at PBIR it ran 9.1 seconds before returning to Antigua.

It returned to Antigua in early 2012 bringing back with it many World records to Antigua and Barbuda. It then started another phase of modifying. Habib sent the car's transmission and clutches to Sheptrans for upgrading, and he then sourced an ETS Race intercooler because of extremely high intake temps, and a better flowing Greddy Intake manifold, which were installed by Magic. The changes netted a more efficient and better performing GTR. The car then went on to break Antigua's Street Car record again, which it still held. Driven by Andrew Hadeed himself, the GTR ran a time of 9.8 seconds at 110 mph. It did this on a test run letting off just after the 1/8 mile marker. Then in late 2012, in a King of the Street race, it won the title of "King of the Steet" coming up against the Beast, in a best of 3 finals match. The DEVIL'S PICKNEY struck fear into the competition causing them to redlight on almost every run and then running them down and passing them like they were reversing.

Everyone has been waiting since 2009, for a race with the Munksta and the GTR, the fans are tired of all the talk. They say the Munksta of Munksta Garage needs to come out and race, it's time to put up or shut up, they are asking are you a Munksta or Punksta?